Antonio's work in the public domain

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The two pieces shown above are decorations that Antonio created for the classroom for children with special needs on Santorini and a piece over the door of the Doctor's office.

On the top is a globe with the children's favourite cartoon characters. The big difference is that some are dressed in national costumes of Greece. On the left is a map of Greece and on the right a map of Santorini. When asked why he created pieces of art like this, he said, "Although the inside of the classroom is nicely decorated, the outside was just a blank white walls. I thought it could do with a little brightening up".

If one is looking for the doctor in the centre of town, he is easy to find. Above the door this piece of art that the doctor commissioned that will let anyone speaking any language know that this is where they will find the doctor. When you enter, there is another piece of Antonio's art above the receptionist's desk. A beautiful piece in soft green colors. The doctor says that he has supported Antonio when he was starting out as an artist because, "I have a lot of respect for Antonio because of all the work he has done for the school to improve the lot of children with special needs".

If you watch the local television station, the backdrop for the interview set is another of Antonio's pieces. And so it goes. Everyone knows Antonio on the island.


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