An interview with Antonio

(Loosely translated from Greek.)

Antonio PrekaAntonio, thank you for taking the time to give us this interview.

Antonio: My pleasure.

How did you start with your art?

Antonio: That is quite a long story. Αt the age of 16, I learned to be a carpenter. I loved to work with wood. I started with some decoration for my house and it slowly developed into what I do today. I love the feel of wood and the creation of something beautiful that others also like.

Do you have any training as an artist?

Antonio: No, it is all self-taught. I tried different things until it looked right. I am constantly learning by trying. I first started using plywood as a base for my art. I then tried some old weathered doors and shutters, the ends of wine barrels and then moved on to eucalyptus bark. I use all four today.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Antonio: All I have to do is drive to the caldera edge, the lighthouse of Akrotiri or to the Athenios Port and look at the towns sitting up on the edge. Sometimes they look like paint poured down the side of the caldera. That's all I need, the magic of Santorini.

You always talk about the wood that you use and you say "I work the wood", what else do you use in your art?

Antonio: I drive around the island looking for pumice, sand and volcanic stones. I am lucky that Santorini offers these in abundance and in many different colors.

You say that you treat the wood so that it is impervious to heat, moisture, etc. What is your secret?

Antonio: Sorry, but that is going to stay a secret. Many people have asked me and I will not reveal how I do it.

What do you think about when you are creating a new masterpiece?

Antonio:I think I do as best I can with the help of God. I want the world to like it.

Antonio, thank you for this interview and we hope that you have every success in all your endeavours.

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